Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Editors

Benjamin Niedergassel, Jens Leker, Stefan Picker

Interdisciplinarity at Work


In a world of increasing specialization in all fields of science and business, interdisciplinary approaches become ever more important for researchers and practitioners alike. The Journal of Business Chemistry – now published for two years – is devoted to this interdisciplinary context, bringing together research and business- related contributions from chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences.

In this May of 2006 we do not only celebrate two successful years of the Journal of Business Chemistry, but also the 70th birthday of a person whose academic life was dedicated to domain spanning research and management: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Hauschildt, one of the most renowned researchers in German business administration and innovation management. Prof. Hauschildt has expertise in many disciplines, ranging from financing and accounting to innovation management. He always succeeded to integrate academic research with practical managerial implications – even in very complex and theoretical fields. His life’s work is the innovation management where he made major contributions in many fields, two well-known examples being the promotor model [1, 2] and the innovation success and degree of innovativeness [3, 4]. The editors of the Journal of Business Chemistry congratulate him to his birthday and wish him all the best.

For this Vol. 3 (2) of the Journal of Business Chemistry we would also like to thank the authors and contributors of the articles and commentaries. Again we have a broad and interdisciplinary bundle of interesting papers, ranging from management of SMEs in biotechnology to the importance of innovations in the history of a chemical company.

Special thanks go to our Language Editor Madeleine Vala, who greatly supported us. Due to a new job position she will no longer be available as a language reviewer. We also welcome two new editors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Seeger and Benjamin Niedergassel.

Now enjoy reading this second issue of the Journal of Business Chemistry in 2006. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send us an e-mail to contact@businesschemistry.org


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[2.] Hauschildt, J., Promotors and champions in innovations – development of a research paradigm, in The Dynamics of Innovation, K. Brockhoff, A.K. Chakrabarti, and J. Hauschildt, Editors. 1999, Springer: Heidelberg.
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